Hello from Koop

Hi guys. I'm happy to have found a new home here at the v303rd! I've been flying the DCS A-10 in other squads for over 10 years, and still love the module. Of course it's best shared with friends, and that's the main reason I'm here.

I'm retired with two grown daughters. My wife, four dogs and I live in Louisiana. I'm very much looking forward to flying again with my friends who are members, and in becoming friends with the pilots here who I don't yet know. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
Welcome Koop! Great having another Louisiana fella in the group. I am originally from the NW - but slowly getting adjusted to all the good food (crawfish) down here :p as said on Discord, look forward to flying with you again soon!

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Thanks, Wing! It's great to be here.

Those are nice-looking crawfish. It's hard to beat chowing down with south Louisiana Crawfish, Gumbo, Corn on the Cob, Boudin, Jambalaya, and Rice Pudding. But then, it's also hard fitting into your flight suit afterwards. OC, you're not a real honorary Coonass unless you suck those crawfish heads..
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Thanks very much Coolhand & Snoopy. I'm really looking forward to flying with so many of my friends here, and in meeting everyone in the group soon.