//Current v303rd FG applicant form and pipeline status.

We appreciate you considering membership in the v303 FG as your virtual home for training and combat sorties in DCS World!

Recruiting is essential to the growth of any organization to include the Virtual 303rd Fighter Group. Our goal is to have recruiting opened at least once a quarter (four times a year) but can be opened more often if capacity is available. Although we don’t have mandatory classroom sessions, we do offer one-on-one classroom instruction as necessary.

Recruiting & Course Entry Prerequisites:
1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must be able to fly US evenings (normal flight nights are Thursday at 1900 Eastern).
3. Safely start, taxi, takeoff, and land their aircraft.
4. Basic weapon employment (unguided, guided, & gun).

We don’t expect pilots to be perfect, but we do expect pilots to make an obvious effort to learn the material and continuously improve. In the v303 FG it’s okay to make mistakes we don’t want members feel pressured to execute everything perfectly the first time. We take our mistakes and learn from them improving as a virtual combat pilot.

The v303 FG’s virtual pilot training program is created to mirror the real world equivalent Basic Qualification Training Couse (B-Course) and Mission Qualification Training (MQT) with the intent to train virtual combat pilots, deploy precision attack aircraft, and deliver an array of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons with pinpoint accuracy to win today’s virtual fight in DCS World. The content of the v303 FG’s training course is based on official, unclassified documents and is in no way intended to compromise, or disclose any sensitive information pertaining to any government, specific military unit or doctrine. Although the v303 FG doesn’t limit the number of aircraft a pilot can fly within the group students must complete the mandatory courses for a specific aircraft before qualifying on other aircraft.

Total time to complete the mandatory blocks varies by student and airframe but the average for each airframe is listed below:

DCS A-10C II Track: 12 months
DCS F-16C Track: 12 months
DCS F-15E Track: TBA

DCS [MDS] Basic Qualification Training Course (BMQ):

Our foundational B-Course is mandatory for all pilots. The Course is designed to make the student pilot proficient as a wingman in all aspects of employment within the v303 FG. Student Pilots in B-Course will fly exclusively as a wingman except when conducting their initial instrument qualification.

Once a student pilot graduates B-Course they are awarded their Pilot wings and are considered Basic Mission Qualified (BMQ). In addition they have earned custom nose art on their aircraft for their respective squadron(s) and can choose to serve as a First Assignment Pilot (FAIP) and train new B-Course students or continue their training track in Mission Qualification Training (MQT).

DCS [MDS] Mission Qualification Training Course (MQT):

MQT is additional training opportunities that are available within the v303 FG. Course concepts include 2- and 4-ship flight lead upgrades (FLUG), instructor pilot upgrade (IPUG), and FAC(A) qualifications (amongst other topics). Some portions of MQT are mandatory.

For example, for pilots in the DCS A-10C II track Close Air Support (CAS) and 2-ship Flight Lead Upgrade (FLUG) are mandatory blocks. Although parts of MQT are not mandatory it is highly encouraged pilots complete all of the course. Upon completion of all blocks within MQT pilots can take part in the v303 FG Weapons School.

The vision of the v303 FG is to enjoy flying with friends while focusing on real world tactics, techniques, and procedures within the confines of DCS World... relaxed realism. If this interests you drop an application and someone from Command will reach out to schedule an interview. Attack!

A-10C II applicants, sign up here:

F-16C applicants, sign up here:

Recruitment of F-15E aircrew is currently on hold.

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    Sep 1, 2022
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