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v303 FS 'KC Hawgs', v93 FS 'Makos', & v307 FS 'Stingers'!

Upcoming Flight Schedule:

v93 FS Flight Night focusing on SA Progression. v303 FS Welcome but responsible for own planning. Please RSVP NLT 2359 est 27 March for planning...
Bi-weekly meeting to discuss Syria deployment mission status. All group members are welcome! Topics to discuss: General "how goes it" Actual or...
Basic Details: •Snoopy will handle v303 FS Planning •@Wing or @Stash will handle v93 FS Planning •When you RSVP enter your desired start time in...
v303 Group Wide 2023 Quarter 1 Meeting
Placeholder for the 1st quarter 2023 v303 Fighter Group meeting. As the date gets closer we'll look at if we need to adjust the schedule for max...

Welcome to the Virtual 303rd Fighter Group

We are a US-based group focusing on USAF TTPs. We welcome the international community but to become a member you must be able to fly during evenings across US time-zones. We currently support DCS A-10C II, DCS F-16C, and DCS F-15E with plans to incorporate the DCS C-130J when released.

Our founding members have over 2,300 sorties totaling 5,000 multiplayer flight hours in the DCS A-10C and DCS F-16C. We have active members that are able to fly most US time zone evenings but our normal flight nights are Thursdays at 1900 Eastern. Some of our members served in the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, or are current real world instrument rated pilots. All are happy to share their experience with the community.

The Virtual 303rd Fighter Group is focused on building innovative DCS enthusiasts through tactics, training and high-end air combat as we continue to grow in the flight simulation hobby. We are a close-knit relaxed mil-sim group of friends, who prioritizes family-first with this hobby! Our vision is simple... Enjoy flying with friends while focusing on real world tactics, techniques, and procedures within the confines of DCS World... relaxed realism.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, feel free to submit an application when openings are announced and a member will reach out to schedule an interview.