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Dec 22, 2022
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Dec 22, 2025
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Nellis AFB, Nevada is the “Home” to the v303rd Fighter Group and is the primary airfield for conducting B-Course, MQT, Large Force Exercises, and pre-deployment training.
The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) is one of two military training areas at the Nellis Air Force Base Complex in Nevada and used by the United States Air Force Warfare Center at Nellis Air Force Base. The NTTR land area includes a "simulated Integrated Air Defense System", several individual ranges with 1200 targets, and 4 remote communication sites.The current NTTR area and the range's former areas have been used for aerial gunnery and bombing, for nuclear tests, as a proving ground and flight test area, for aircraft control and warning, and for Blue Flag, Green Flag, and Red Flag exercises.

Welcome to Nellis AFB!

The purpose of the v303rd Fighter Group’s training program in the NTTR is to train & qualify our aircrews through logically healthy progression with this hobby. The NTTR helps facilitate that in a simulated range environment. Our overall objective in Nevada is to “provide a safe, simulated combat environment that allows participants to employ composite force tactics against strategic and tactical targets defended by a challenging, integrated virtual air defense systems”.

Currently at Nellis, typical flight night ops tempo is Thursday's +1900 EST. although the range is open daily for members to register a flight plan for more practice. Your hobby participation is often part of our FG 'work-up' in order to prepare for the next virtual deployment down-range.

We hope that you enjoy your time learning this hobby with us, and see you on the Range!



Please consult the v303 FG NTTR In-Flight Guide for standard operating procedures within the region.

  1. Local Area Orientation:
  2. Navigation Aids: All MGRS/STPTs endorsed by the v303 FG can be found here:
  3. In-Flight Guide:
  4. v303 FG MANUAL 11-2:
  5. v303rd FG Manual 11-2 DCS A-10C:
  6. v303rd FG Manual 11-2 DCS F-16C:
Flight Publication
  1. v303rd FG Manual 11-2
  2. v303rd FG Manual 11-2 DCS A-10C
  3. v303rd FG Manual 11-2 DCS F-15E
Type Orders
Tasked Unit
  1. v303 FS
  2. v93 FS
Supporting Assets
  1. [E-3]
  2. [KC-135, A-10C Support]
  3. [KC-135, F-16C Support]
  4. [KC-135, F-15E Support]
  5. [MQ-9]

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