RU / OPFOR SA-12 Gladiator/Giant (RWR: U, HS, BD, 12)

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RWR: U, HS, BD, 12

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S-300V Antey (SA-12)
Originators Designation:
NATO Reporting Name: SA-12 Gladiator/Giant
Fire Control System: Grill Pan
The S-300V (SA-12) low-to-high Altitude, tactical surface to air missile system also has anti-ballistic missile capabilities. In early 1996 Russia astounded the United States Army by marketing the Russian SA-12 surface-to-air missile system in the UAE in direct competition with the United States Army's Patriot system. Rosvooruzheniye offered the UAE the highest-quality Russian strategic air defense system, the SA-12 Gladiator, as an alternative to the Patriot at half the cost. The offer also included forgiveness of some of Russia's debt to the UAE.

The 9K81 S-300V Antey-300 (Russian: 9К81 С-300В Антей-300 – named after Antaeus, NATO reporting name SA-12 Gladiator/Giant) varies from the other designs in the series.[8] It was built by Antey rather than Almaz,[25] and its 9M82 and 9M83 missiles were designed by NPO Novator. The V suffix stands for Voyska (ground forces). Entered service in 1983, It was designed to be the top-tier army air defence system, replacing the 2K11 Krug, providing a defence against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and aircraft. The 9M83 (SA-12A Gladiator) missiles have a maximum engagement range of around 75 km (47 mi), while the 9M82 (SA-12B Giant) missiles can engage targets out to 100 km (62 mi) and up to altitudes of around 32 km (20 mi). In both cases the warhead is around 150 kg (330 lb).

While it was created from the same project, hence sharing the common S-300 designation with the S-300P air defense family, the S-300V had different priorities that resulted in a different design. The S-300V system is carried on tracked MT-T transporters, which gives it better cross-country mobility than the S-300Ps moving on 8×8 wheeled transporters. Its search, tracking, and command systems are more distributed than the S-300P's. For example, while both have mechanically scanning radar for target acquisition (9S15 BILL BOARD A), the battery level 9S32 GRILL PAN has an autonomous search ability and SARH delegated to illumination radar on transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles. The early 30N6 FLAP LID on the S-300P handles tracking and illumination, but is not equipped with an autonomous search capability (later upgraded). 9S15 can simultaneously carry out active (3 coordinates) and passive (2 positions) searches for targets.[8]

The S-300V places a greater emphasis on the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) mission, with a dedicated 9M82 (SA-12B Giant) anti-ballistic missile. This missile is larger and only two can be on each TELAR. It also has a dedicated ABM radar: the 9S19 HIGH SCREEN phased-array radar at battalion level. A typical S-300V battalion consists of a target-detection-and-designation unit, a guidance radar, and up to 6 TELARs. The detection-and-designation unit consists of the 9S457-1 command post, a 9S15MV or 9S15MT BILL BOARD all-round surveillance radar, and a 9S19M2 HIGH SCREEN sector surveillance radar.[26] The S-300V uses the 9S32-1 GRILL PAN multi-channel guidance radar.

Max Engagement Range:108nm
Max Engagement Height:121,000ft
Min Engagement Height:84ft
Max Speed:M3.5
ECM Burn Through6nm
Warhead Weight4201lb

Defensive Maneuvers: Avoid at all costs.

The SA12 site has a TELAR which means a SAM site could have multiple fire control radars (that means if you take one out, then the others will guide the missile onto you) Popular examples are the SA-12, SA-11, and the SA-17 (best strategy against these is just avoiding them entirely, and going for a low level strike protected by terrain/etc).

SA-12 fires an extremely fast missile - as it's primary purpose is antiballistic missile rolls.

Grill Pan Track Radar "12"112
Bill Board Search Radar "BD"105
High Screen Search Radar "HS"106

On the F-16C, all S-300Ps (PMU1, PMU2, PS) are using the same codes as the S-300PS from the base game, and can be targeted using the same HARM IDs. The S-300V is labelled as follow:

  • 9S19 High Screen: RWR "HS", HARM ID#106
  • 9S15 Bill Board: RWR "BD", HARM ID#105
  • 9S32 Grill pan: RWR "12", HARM ID #112