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Hey guys, I go by Shifty. Appreciate you for having me. I’m a former Navy engineer and VBSS operator IRL and have a career in security contracting. I live in the Dallas countryside with my wife and two dogs (Malinois and Pitbull). I’m a huge car enthusiast and race my 2020 Toyota Supra using track season. My wife and I are heavily into the firearm community and host training classes in the DFW from beginner stuff, long range, dynamic, and shoot house. I’m an huge movie guy and often quote many. And yes Top Gun was my favorite movie growing up. I can’t help quoting that movie. Any questions feel free to ask.

See you in the skies
Welcome Shifty Shifty ! Appreciate your service!! Gotta love the Supra. I was once a car guy, grew up working on E30 M3s and then did a track build out of a E36 M3. Got married, and then had to sell those "toys" for the time being. One day I hope to get back into the track life once the kiddos move off. DCS keeps the hobby life going for now :LOL:

Look forward to flying with you